Fonseca: We did well defensively and offensively

Saturday, September 24, 2016



Press conference of Shakhtar head coach after defeating Volyn

- We had a good match today. And a pretty good win. It is clear that we left for the break not being fully happy with the score, because we had created a huge number of chances, but failed to convert them. In the second half, things went much better. I think that today we did well both defensively and offensively.

- We had an impression that you could take the pitch for the second half even without Pyatov. What is preparing for European competitions like when the opponents do so little offensively? And secondly, you have played against nearly every team. What do you make of the Ukrainian League’s level as a whole?
- It's not just the opponents. This is also our merit, because we do everything not to let the opponents get near our goal. Talking about the league in general - indeed, we already know most of the teams. It is quite difficult to play against the opponents who drop deep and just park the bus. When ten men defend, it is very difficult to find the necessary space and approach the goal. But we, as you can see, create chances to convert them and win. Even when winning narrowly, we still enjoy victories. That’s the most crucial thing.

- You field some new players nearly in every game. Today, Andrii Boriachuk made his league debut and scored a fantastic goal. Will it allow him to become Shakhtar first-team regular?
- We should always be careful when fielding young players. It is clear that the guys should appear when the match already develops positively. Caution is needed in such substitutions because the guys just now, one might say, embark on their careers. They progress and learn something new. This applies not only to Boriachuk, but also to the others: Zubkov, Tankovskyi, Matviienko, Kudryk. Everyone will have the opportunity to prove themselves. Of course, I will give them a chance if they deserve it through daily work. Talking about the first part of the question and the new players in every game ... This means that the team perfectly understand the idea of ​​football that we want to see. Our strength does not change depending on the players. That’s the good news. You know, my biggest headache is selecting the starting line-up for each match. Our team is very well balanced. Everyone performs to approximately the same high standards. We are well aware of the huge competition. Let it be! It makes me happy.

- What do you make of today’s performance of Ferreyra?
- Facundo worked a lot as always. He had several opportunities to score. And he did it, but his goal was unfortunately disallowed. Generally speaking, he is a great player who works very hard and tries hard. It is clear that we don't convert our every chance, but we will improve this component. I am very surprised by the fact that when Facundo doesn’t score, they always ask me this kind of question. Just think about the number of games in which Facundo already helped us.

- You will play your next European club cup game against your former team. How will you prepare Shakhtar? What emotions do you experience?
- I’ve got no emotions yet, because the game has not started yet. Most likely, I will answer this question more thoroughly after the game. I guess I'd be lying to you if I said that the upcoming match isn’t special for me. Yes, Braga is my former team, with my former players there. There is also a large number of staff, and my friends there. But at that moment, I should and will consider them to be just our regular opponents. We start preparing for that meeting now, after the duel with Volyn at the Arena Lviv. I'm a hundred percent sure that it will be a tough match. Braga are strong, they perfectly prove themselves in the Portuguese league. Of course, they have a slight advantage - they know my idea of ​​football. But we shouldn’t forget that I also have an advantage and I: I know them well too.

- Was it the first time in your career with the ref being a lady?
- As far as I remember, yes, this is my first match officiated by a lady referee. I want to say that for me it was all the same, I did not notice any difference. Everything was great. I want to congratulate the referees: the officiating was excellent, without any major mistakes. At least, I did not notice anything. I can say one thing: the woman must be very brave among the twenty-two players. Surrounded by men. It takes a brave person to choose this profession.

- What did you say to Vitaliy Kvartsianyi in your dialogue before the match?
- We just greeted each other, introduced ourselves and wished each other a good game. I think that when we play at our home stadium, the host coach must always assume the initiative. One should introduce themselves and say hello to the opposing coach. I do it and will always do so.