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Kvartsianyi: Our performance hasn’t been that pale since long ago

Saturday, September 24, 2016



Volyn mentor reflects on the match against Shakhtar

- Despite the fact that many new young lads have been looking for their way in football with us, trying to prove themselves, they do not succeed as much as we would like them to. The worst thing is their fear to play football. And I haven’t got a clue why they fear handling the ball. Conversely, they need to show their best against such team as Shakhtar, get angry and operate with initiative and drive. We told them all that before the match. But when they took to the pitch, they forgot everything. On the other hand, we find it hard to play against Shakhtar. At any moment, the opponents could step it up and launch some blistering attacks, which they did in many situations. We were slow, fearing them and dropping deep. No matter how much I shouted. Our performance hasn’t been that pale since long ago. I asked them to be more active up field and operate more specifically, but it all ended up even before approaching the goal. Everyone imposed it upon someone else... If the player has no sporting pride, the desire to score, threaten or ‘bite’, then he will remain like that at twenty, and at thirty. Nowadays, we can’t expect more to occur. As you could see, the goalkeeper also failed: standing there just like a pillar, no prompting, impassive face, and chin – being calm just like Ihtiander on the seabed. Maybe he slept there for hours, to be exact – for minutes! Therefore, the score is reasonable. I’ve got nothing else to say.