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Ordets: We are in even group

Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Together with the head coach, defender Ivan Ordets took part in the pre-match press conference

- The opponents’ team squad has significantly changed over the time, with some reshuffling in the offensive third. What kind of Braga were you in particular preparing for?
- In fact, the Portuguese have very good performers up front. They quickly move from defence to attack. At the same time, trying to get the ball behind the defenders, perfectly making themselves available. Therefore, we, first of all, need to dispossess the opponents of the ball and control the situation on the field.

- Does the coach prepare you in any special way for the match against his former team?
- Nothing like that. The guys are preparing for a regular Europa League game. I can say that everyone is ready to give their one hundred percent and win it.

- Do Shakhtar consider themselves the group leaders and feel that they will remain the leaders at the end of the group stage?
- It is too early to talk about that. We are in a fairly even group. Besides, we’ve got some tough away games ahead. I think we should discuss that a bit later.

- Shakhtar have kept clean sheets in six of the last seven games. Can we say that the defenders fully understand the requirements of Paulo Fonseca’s coaching staff now?
- We're working on that. I think that not only the defensive third take part in defending. The midfielders and forwards are also involved in that. When losing the ball, we immediately try to win it back and play more securely at the back. I reckon that’s a very big plus for our team.