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Vukcevic: Fonseca knows us well

Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Braga midfielder answered the questions from journalists

- Paulo Fonseca very well knows the Braga players. Is this an advantage for Shakhtar?
- We all well understand that we are facing a fairly strong team. I already had the opportunity to play Shakhtar last season. We also shouldn’t forget that Fonseca also knows us well, as we know his ideas. I think, in this respect the teams are even, with no advantage on anyone’s side.

- Braga experience certain issues defensively: many players are injured and did not arrive in Ukraine. If tomorrow you should appear as a centre-back, are you ready for that?
- I guess so. I'll do everything required by the coach. If in the course of the game I might have to play as a central defender, of course, I will do so. We have top players with good qualities. And each of the lads will be ready to take a specific role anyway.

- How thoroughly did you analyse Shakhtar’s performance? Who could you highlight among the Pitmen?
- We did our best to scrutinise the opponents. But I can’t name them right now. I do not know them by names, but I know that Shakhtar’s wingers are very strong. But we shouldn’t forget that Braga is also famous for great performers, so there will be an evenly-matched encounter and competition tomorrow.

- In the spring, in the return leg against Donetsk, the defender Ferreyra scored two own goals. Did you play jokes on him ahead of the upcoming meeting?
- No, never.