Peseiro: Shakhtar were better than us

Thursday, September 29, 2016



Braga manager commented on the match at the Arena Lviv

- Shakhtar were better than us today. Early, they scored a goal, which, of course, upset us. During the opening 15 minutes, the opponents were fully dominant, with us failing both defensively and counterattacking wise. Then we managed to balance our play. In the second half, we wanted to correct it. The Pitmen were left with ten men and scored the second goal, dropping deep and controlling the course of the game then. The Donetsk side played defensively, and only occasionally they launched counterattacks, for which they have some great quality players. Even with eleven men, we weren’t as strong as they are. We lacked the patience and many other things while attacking. Unfortunately, we created next to no chances. We lacked organisation and a little patience to play well. Shakhtar created some dangerous situations in the transition from defence to attack, with us lacking some attention and aggressiveness. We also did not perform so well as they individually. Therefore, I can say for sure: Shakhter have been better than us today. That's exactly why they claimed a 2-0 win.

- Why wasn’t Alan fielded today?
- Because I decided so. It’s true that in the previous match, he did well enough. But today I felt that at 4-4-2, the team won’t need him.

- Are you unhappy with your players?
- No. I am never dissatisfied with my players. They tried hard and gave their all. Unfortunately, in some situations they didn’t fulfil what I wanted them to. It was clear: they were trying to do their utmost. However, we needed more. That's all I can say today.