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Vorobei: In Kharkiv, Shakhtar will enjoy more support

Sunday, September 4, 2016



Ahead of the match Shakhtar vs Dynamo, former Shakhtar striker Andriy Vorobei has shared his expectations

- Soon, Kharkiv, where you spent a part of your career, will host a clash between the league giants. Which side will the local audience support?
- I think that the Kharkiv residents, above all, will come to watch some great, quality football. As for the audience’s preferences, it's hard for me to say that. There are both Shakhtar and Dynamo supporters in Kharkiv. But it seems to me that for the Pitmen this option is better, because in Lviv the stadium would have rooted for Dynamo. But I hope that in Kharkiv the Donetsk team will enjoy more support.

- Can we expect a full house at the OSC Metalist?
- I don’t know whether there will be a capacity crowd, but the local fans have been obviously missing some great football. I think that people will definitely come to watch the match if weather permits.

- After the previous round, in which Dynamo lost to Vorskla and Shakhtar beat Stal, can the Pitmen be considered as favourites?
- This is only the beginning of the league season and nothing is clear yet. Perhaps, the Donetsk side have a small psychological advantage. It’s too early to say anything regarding the favourites. I wouldn’t favour anyone yet.

- Will both teams keep in mind the forthcoming European club cup fixtures and save their strength?
- No, they won’t. Just through this game both teams will be preparing for the meetings on the European stage. We have very few games against strong opponents in the league. Therefore, on the contrary, this is great practice before European competitions in terms of encountering a strong team and testing their capabilities.

- If Shakhtar win in Kharkiv and secure a six-point lead, can we mention their thick chance of winning the title?
- We have another half of the league season ahead. Both Shakhtar and Dynamo might lose points. After all, few people expected that Kyiv would lose to Vorskla. So it is too early to make predictions.