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Marlos: We are composed and ready

Wednesday, September 7, 2016



Shakhtar midfielder answered the questions from journalists

- 11 players are in Ukraine national team, Matviienko is in U21 team, Taison is in Brazil. Can a large number of internationals affect the encounter with Dynamo?
- Dynamo also have players who went on international duty. We've had time to prepare, while the guys have just a couple of days to recover. So I think that Shakhtar will be fully ready for the match against Dynamo.

- Given that you are three points ahead of the opponents, is this meeting  your key chance to break away by six points...
- I do not think it’s an advantage at all. Of course, this is a very important match for us. But we go out for every game with our thoughts focused only on victory. If we had three points less, we would still be fighting to the end. For us, every match is like our final one.

Can you feel that Paulo Fonseca is worried before his first ‘Clasico’ in Ukraine?
- We already had a Super Cup tie against Dynamo. Paulo Fonseca, just like the rest of our team, well knows the opponents, their strengths and weaknesses. We all are composed and ready for the upcoming game.

- Did you watch the Dynamo vs Vorskla game? Did you expect that kind of outcome? And how have Dynamo changed compared to the Super Cup tie?
- I do not pay any attention to the opponents. I did not watch their game against Vorskla and never watch Dynamo games at all. I'm not interested in what happens there. I think we need to get focused only on our own performance and go to victory. We will play for Shakhtar, rather than pay attention to other teams.

- You travel all the time, and this time you are playing your home game in Kharkiv. Will it be comfortable for you to play there? Do you know anything about the quality of the pitch turf?
- I think we will feel very comfortable there. In Kharkiv, there is always a fantastic atmosphere, they receive Shakhtar well there. I hope there will be a lot of our fans in the stadium, who will support us.

- Is Kharkiv a special city for you?
- Yes, I love it because I’ve experienced many great moments there. My family and I will be happy to visit Kharkiv again and see this wonderful city.

- Tell us about the story of Darijo Srna and his possible move.
- In fact, Darijo is a very important person for us. He is the team leader. I don’t know the particulars. I think the most important thing is for him to choose the best thing for himself. Whether he wants to stay or go will be his decision.

- Did you congratulate Taison on his debut with Brazil national team?
- He is the man with whom I've been playing for a few years here. We’ve been together since the start of my career in Ukraine. I saw him grow all this time not only as a professional, but also as an individual. I am very happy for him and have congratulated him more than just once.

- Marlos and Ukraine national team. Do you have any specific information? Did you watch the Ukraine vs Iceland game?
- Of course, I did. I found it very interesting. I can say that the playing style of Ukraine national team has changed, getting better with Shevchenko at the helm. The situation with the national team is under discussion, with nothing concrete yet. I have not resided for five years in Ukraine yet. We'll think it over.