Bernard and Kovalenko visiting Herbalife

Thursday, September 8, 2016



Shakhtar footballers Viktor Kovalenko and Bernard took part in a promo event of the club’s official nutrition partner

Herbalife Company held a competition among its independent partners, the main condition of which was creative presentation on Facebook of the club and their own recipe of a protein shake. The winner was selected by Shakhtar players. As a result, the top spot went to the Inspiration club.

Viktor Kovalenko and Bernard, who were present at the event, not only congratulated the winners having a picture with them taken as a memento and leaving a lot of autographs, but also prepared their own cocktail of Herbalife products.

- We really like the products of your company, - Viktor admitted. - We ourselves love to make a variety of cocktails after training sessions for ourselves to recuperate faster. I think it turned out tasty and helpful for one hundred percent.

- I’ve never had this kind of birthday yet, - says Bernard, who turns 24 today. – We usually mark such events in the company of relatives and friends, but I really feel at home how. Thank you for that! As for our cocktail, it really turned out delicious. At home, I have some Herbalife stuff and a shaker just like these ones, so I often make protein shakes myself.