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Serhiy Rebrov: The game deservedly ended in a draw

Friday, September 9, 2016



Post-match press conference of the Dynamo head coach

– First of all we are very pleased that there was a full stadium in Kharkiv that supported Shakhtar. I think it gave confidence to the opposing team. The result was a complex and interesting game. In the first fifteen minutes we created some opportunities. When we scored, I guess we got scared that we would win. But in such matches it is important for there to be a team. We defended well and created chances, and I think the game deservedly ended in a draw.

– Mr. Rebrov, how is Danilo Silva?
– Let us hope that there is no strain. Perhaps there is a spasm since the feelings he had, were like a muscle spasm. We hope that he will recover.

– Your decision to place Makarenko on the left flank - was it the fruit of his work during training or a desire to save Antunes before the Champions League matches?
– I have no desire to save anyone. Those who show themselves better during training - play. It was my decision to field Yevhen in this game. In my view, he justified the confidence. Yes, he has no proper practice yet. I am glad that this I have a good, healthy competition on this flank, and the players give 100 percent.