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Fonseca: I'm happy at Shakhtar

Saturday, April 15, 2017



The Pitmen’s head coach reflects on the victory over Olimpik

- Hello. Shakhtar displayed a very good performance. We reliably operated defensively and scored four goals, although we could have scored more. There were a lot of real opportunities. I think the match did not differ much from the clash with Chornomorets, as well as from previous meetings with Olimpik. Perhaps, we created even more moments of danger then, with us lacking realization, which, fortunately, was enough today. This is a well-deserved victory.

- Today, you have given twenty minutes to Zubkov. How do you assess his performance?
- Zubkov is a football player, in whom we very much believe. Oleksandr is still young, but he works hard. I think he understands that it is difficult to play in the team with such regular players as Marlos, Taison and Bernard. Zubkov worked hard, waited for the chance that appeared today, and has done at his best.

- How do you comment on Khocholava’s move, how do you see his position in the team, with the contracts of a number of players - Kucher, Srna and Kobin – coming to an end. What is going to happen to them?
- I'm not talking about footballers who are not with us now. As for the second question, it is clear that this issue is to be decided by the club. Everyone remembers that, we attend to this, but now we are concentrated on the season’s final stage only.

- Shakhtar vs Braga match took place the very same day the year before. You were at the helm of the Portuguese team. Do you remember that day and could you  think at that time that you would soon take charge of the Pitmen?
- I have not the best memories of that game, as you understand. To be honest, I surely did not even think then that I would  become the head coach of the Donetsk side someday. But now, looking at my life and career, I can say again: I am very happy at Shakhtar.

- You have the meeting with Dynamo ahead of you. How will you prepare for it? What are your expectations?
- We start thinking about the match vs Dynamo even today. We will be preparing. We perfectly realize what qualities the opponents have and how difficult the match is going to be. The Kyiv side have recently changed their playing style completely. We will try to prepare our team in the best way.

- Dynamo employ three defenders formation. Have you faced the clubs with such tactical build up before?
- Yes, we have, and this year several teams from the Ukrainian league have already operated against us using this formation. It is clear that the Pitmen will follow their principles and do not adapt to the opponents’ game. We will try to study Dynamo in the best way possible and make some adjustments to spring a surprise as well.