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Sanzhar: We will fight until the last game

Saturday, April 15, 2017



Olimpik mentor gave his comments on the completion of the encounter

- We were well aware that the match against Shakhtar would be difficult. After losing to Chornomorets and playing out two draws with us, the Pitmen were motivated to the fullest. Olimpik also prepared seriously for the clash, however, after making an error at the opening stages and conceding an goal, we made life complicated for ourselves. In such games, it is crucial to operate keeping concentration and in a maximally simple way. We failed and lost today. However, most of all I am worried about the fact that Dmytro Hryshko was injured, with us having only two central defenders in the team. We realized that it would be tough to play Shakhtar, but it was also important not to lose anyone. Now, every football player is valuable for us.

- What happened to Vitalii Hoshkoderya during the warm-up?
- He had a hamstring injury yesterday, but after conducting a pre-training session, he said that nothing gave him a pain. However, after today’s warming up, he felt his muscle spasmodic and asked for a replacement.

- As Olimpik displayed a confident performance in the fixtures against Shakhtar and Dynamo at the previous stage, so the team were unbalanced today. What is the key reason?
- There are reasons. I know about them. No matter how hard we try to get the guys prepared for getting the result, we fail so far. To play Dynamo and Shakhtar successfully, we must be motivated to the fullest, and the team must have a complete set of players in order to make rotation. Moreover, there must be competition in every position. Unfortunately, we lack all this. In addition, taking a long distance in our situation is very difficult. I'm not talking about the rest of the issues. Thus, the guys could not accumulate emotions, and this is a very important point in such meetings. Everyone should play better than one hundred percent to achieve a positive result. Unfortunately, we did not succeed, but the fact that this happened in the games vs Dynamo and Shakhtar, is nothing to worry about, I guess. Why? Because we stay at different distances from each other in all respects. And it is very difficult for Olimpik to compete.

- How can you comment on the attacking performance?
- In this aspect, we could have been better, since we lost players throughout the winter pre-season spell, in particular. And Serhii Grin was not able to appear on the pitch and has not recover from injury yet. We are very limited in the attacking line, with us having a short bench and no valuable replacements. Therefore, we have been weaker than Shakhtar defenders offensively. Yes, we have had practically no sights of goal tonight, although the guys took their positions. It is apparent that we are lagging behind in terms of skills, owing to what we did not succeed offensively.

- Many Ukrainian clubs switch to three central defenders formation. Have you thought of making experiments?
- I have not thought of it, since I have only two players in this role. Switching to this formation will be very difficult for us, except that we can play with one central defender. Nevertheless, we are not going to do this.

- Given the problems that you voiced, is it still important to talk about competing for the Europa League zone?
- Of course. We will fight until the last game. The only thing is that it's really hard for us to do this, since all our competitors are in more comfortable conditions. In the winter, we lost many players, and if we compare our team with the one in the league autumn stage, then I think we were much stronger. Those guys, whom we engaged, fall short of the level that allows to solve our problems for today. And one can see it by the game. Previously, we had more players who could score a goal, which is very important. Now we have less, so it's much harder to earn points. Olimpik accomplished a feat anyway to secure a spot in the top six. But at this level, you need to have a potential to oppose such clubs. This does not justify us in any way. We are going to fight in every game all the same. Yes, we do not always manage to do this, but I can not blame the guys for unwillingness. We fought and tried, with us only lacking enough skills somewhere. And Olimpik will try to accomplish the task until the very end.