Salkov marks his birthday

Saturday, April 1, 2017



Today, April 1, the Pitmen’s skipper in the 1960s and former head coach Volodymyr Salkov turns 80

The legendary football player made 259 apps for Shakhtar and scored 3 goals. Salkov was the captain of the squad, which raised the USSR Cup twice in a row in 1961 and 1962. From 1974 to 1978 as well as in 1995, Volodymyr Maksymovych was the head coach of the Donetsk side, who won silver and bronze medals of the USSR championship. The Pitmen played a total of 188 matches under his management.

FC Shakhtar fans and staff heartily wish Volodymyr Salkov a happy birthday! We wish him health, goodness, prosperity, happiness and success. We bring you an interview with the birthday boy.

- Volodymyr Maksymovych, do you remember your first visits to Shakhtar central stadium?
- At that time, they were so impressive! They guarded the stadium then, deploying mounted police, in particular. I fitted into the thick of the fans and pitmen. Many of them ran straight from the stadium as well as from the waste pile to the pool to have a swim and wash off the dust... Then I took a walk to Smolianka, where I lived.

- What place do Shakhtar occupy in your life? What moments are memorable to this day?
- Of course, I have exceptionally good memories of our cooperation. Among them are cup finals and claiming the title of master of sports. I remember the way they received us at the Lokomotyv stadium in Donetsk after coming back from Moscow. There came so many fans as if it was the final match, rather than just an event dedicated to wining the USSR Cup that we had already secured. The train stopped at the stations, with people greeting us everywhere: in Horlivka, Yenakiievo ... In 1961, we achieved a great success for the first time in our career, and this achievement turned out great to each footballist who played for Shakhtar then.

- What feelings, thoughts, and responsibility did you have when being the Pitmen’s skipper in the 1960s?
- First of all, I am very grateful to the players who chose me. It meant a sign of great trust to me. By the way, instead of captain’s armband, I used to wrap gauze around my arm. Of course, different things happened. Once Oleh Oshenkov tried to re-elect the captain, but this did not work out, since the guys confirmed their choice all the same.

- Were you a tough and demanding Shakhtar coach?
- I cannot even say which method was the crucial one. They just gathered the team who trusted every single word of mine throughout training sessions and matches. Probably, this issue is of paramount importance anyway, other than yelling and threats. They players were team-oriented and obedient: they unquestioningly carried out everything that I offered and believed in success.

- Lifting the USSR Cup is the liveliest recollection during your spell at Shakhtar, isn’t it?
- It surely is.  In my apartment, I keep a photo depicting the award ceremony after the victory over Torpedo, with them presenting me a silverware, with Oshenkov standing by my side and 100 thousand fans in the stands. This moment will be with me forever. I remember the year of 1995, as we made our way to Kyiv for the cup final versus Dnipro feeling free. Few people believed that we would win. At that time, the German specialist Stange was at the helm of Dnipro, with them being a wealthy squad. However, we claimed a victory. I am happy that people remember our good deed. Surely, I sometimes recollect those times, since this is my homeland.