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Campos: Shakhtar have millions of fans

Thursday, April 20, 2017



Today, April 20, Shakhtar assistant head coach Nuno Campos marks his birthday. Taking the opportunity, we extend our greetings to the birthday man and traditionally ask a few questions

- Happy birthday, Nuno! In your debut interview to shakhtar.com, you said told that your coaching staff’s primary task was winning back the title for Shahktar. How close is this goal?
- It's early days to talk about gold medals. Mathematically, we have not won the title yet. The team are performing well this season, with everyone being very motivated. Shakhtar have not claimed the Ukrainian Premier League title for two years in a row. Claiming the title is our primary task, and we are very close to accomplishing it.

- Recently, more and more clubs, including Ukrainian ones, switch to a formation with three central defenders. Is it difficult to adjust to such opponents’ performance, or is it quite comfortable for the Pitmen?
- We have already played versus sides, which operate using such a formation. In the domestic league, opponents employ a trio of central defenders to stand on the defensive against Shakhtar being on the front foot. If we talk, for example, of Dynamo, then, after switching to a new tactic, in my opinion, they have become stronger. However, I am convinced that game dynamics is much more important than any tactics. The way, in which players operate offensively and defensively, is more important than how they are located on the pitch from the off.

- Shakhtar are the league’s most effective team that scored 54 goals in 25 games. Does it have something to do with your working more often with attacking players at the training sessions?
- Being Paulo Fonseca’s coaching staff, we all work together. Right, I train midfielders and attackers from time to time now. However, I do not think that the credit for the Pitmen’s effective performance goes for me. And things used to be just the other way round. Paulo worked with attacking players, as I trained defenders. Fonseca is the head coach, with him being the only person to decide how to train players.

- What is your most vivid impression following a year of working at Shakhtar?
- I want to say that I'm very happy to be here. Shakhtar are a big club, at which highly skilled footballers play, with real professionals working in the structure, and with the team having millions of fans. They help us in every matter, therefore we are eager to justify confidence with high performance. I wish the most vivid impression following a one-year stay Ukraine were winning the Premier League title.

- What do people in Portugal usually wish football people for their birthday?
- Of course, victories! The match vs Dynamo Kyiv is ahead of us, and success in this encounter would be a good gift not only for me, but for all Shakhtar faithful.