Fonseca: We are in the final

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Shakhtar head coach commented on the Cup semi-final against Dnipro

- It was a difficult match against quality opponents. We’ve met with the team who didn’t lose 11 games. Dnipro suffered their previous league defeat at the hands of Shakhtar. We made a major reshuffle. Compared to the previous match, only Marlos and Taison remained in the line-up. Nevertheless, the game pattern has not changed at all. We continued dominating it, having the ball and a huge number of chances against the team whose 11 players just parked the bus. Ripping open such defence is a very tough option. But even with such opposing defence, we managed to create numerous chances. Unfortunately, we’ve converted just one, although we could’ve scored more. We’ve defeated the great team. We are in the final. I also want to say exceptionally good things about the goalkeeper of Dnipro, who showed off his top reflexes.

- Shakhtar’s nominal reserve squad have played today. How satisfied are you with the performance of your lads?
- I am happy with absolutely every player and their dedication. The same Marcio Azevedo made his first app after a very long break. All the guys were just top-notch.