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Mykhailenko: Wanted to accomplish a feat

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Dnipro head coach shared his opinion of the encounter versus Shakhtar

- The plan was to deprive the opponents of space and time for making decisions. During a certain time span of the match, we succeeded in doing it. We had been adjusting to the pace so long, since the ball-work from Shakhtar’s highly skilled players obliges to react to what is happening faster. Plenty of my players have never played at such speeds before. Throughout the opening 15 minutes, we probably gave too much room for the Pitmen’s attacking line. Later we managed to soak up attacking pressure from the opponents, we could have scored after one of the counter-attacks, but we missed our chance, as the goalkeeper dispalyed a good performance. In the second half, we were also under great pressure, and to some extent, an opener was imminent. After conceding a goal, we slightly rebuilt a formation by switching to back-four defence and basically were able to take the game into the Pitmen’s half. On our side, we registered shots at goal, and although we missed the target, we managed to create some pressure. Perhaps, if we were a little luckier, we could force the clash into extra time.

- Tonight, the domestic league’s top team and bottom team have met. Did you expect that your side were capable to deliver battle? What went wrong in the meeting with Shakhtar?
- We failed to win. We planned to deliver battle, we wanted to accomplish a feat, but today, Dnipro have faced the league’s strongest side, who showcase a quality football on the nice fast turf, and it is very difficult to hold them back. For us, this is a great experience. We expected according to which scenario the game will unfold, with the action near our goal mainly. Therefore, we got what we expected.

- What did you say to the guys after the game?
- I thanked them. Now everyone is upset, it makes no sense to say anything. Now they need to recover and prepare for the remaining matches of the season.