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Kryvtsov: Oleksandriia are famous for their defence

Friday, April 28, 2017



Shakhtar defender spoke with the media at the open training session

- We know that you signed a new deal with the club. What’s your mood after this event?
- Excellent. I am glad that I have the opportunity to spend four more years in such a team as Shakhtar.

- How long did the negotiations on extending the contract last and were there other options for continuing the career?
- Everything was decided quickly enough. It took only half a day to settle all the issues.

- Your teammates and you are facing the game against Oleksandriia. Do we understand it correctly that the players will do their best to claim the championship as soon as possible?
- Even if we win on Sunday, we will not yet become the champs mathematically. In any case, regardless of the line-up fielded, everyone will try to claim victory and make the fans happy with the spectacular performance.

- Paulo Fonseca must be drawing your attention to some tactical details before the meeting. What strengths and weaknesses of Oleksandriia have you noted?
- Against Shakhtar, almost all teams demonstrate defensive football, trying to operate mainly on counterattacks. I think this match will be no exception. However, the coaching staff will certainly tell us how to make it easier for us to rip open the opposing defence.

- Are you expecting Oleksandriia to park the bus in front of their goal?
- The charges of Volodymyr Sharan are famous for their defending. Physical defenders operate pretty well positionally, they are also great aerially. Though through our teamwork and the speed of our attacking players, we’ll try to overcome Oleksandriia’s defensive third.

- Perhaps the Pitmen’s coaching staff have focused on set pieces?
- Even if we perform some moves, you, the reporters, won’t see that.

- What’s the difference in training defenders between Mircea Lucescu and Paulo Fonseca?
- Currently, we basically play zonally, while with Lucescu we operated more individually.