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Zorya vs Shakhtar: players’ opinions

Sunday, April 2, 2017



The Donetsk side players shared their thoughts after beating Zorya

Andriy Pyatov, Shakhtar goalkeeper:

- It turned out a nice will-to-win encounter. In the first half, we failed to keep pace with Zorya players. During the interval, the coach turned our attention to this, and we made the right conclusions. In the second period, we scored an important goal, which ensured our success. It so happens that that we bring goals in every match... We need to be more careful. However, this is football, where everything happens. The crucial thing is that the team reacted correctly and showed that Shakhtar is Shakhtar. Overall, it gives pleasure to play in such an atmosphere. There were many fans of ours and Zorya’s faithful. I think it is going to be the top match of this round in terms of attendance. I want more of them.
We must be fully prepared for every match. We are happy with sealing today's victory
Maksym Malyshev, Shakhtar midfielder:

- An excellent clash, with the fans surely having enjoyed it. Zorya produced a good performance in the first half, starting the game with the 3-5-2 formation. We felt the Luhansk side employing it successfully, and we had a hard time. During the break, our coach made corrections and pointed out the errors, so we were on the front foot in the second half. We must be fully prepared for every match. We are happy with sealing today's victory. It was tough, since we were one goal down in the course of the game, but showed mettle and came back by notching two important goals.