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Sharan: We did not deserve a loss

Sunday, April 30, 2017



Oleksandriia head coach reacted to the meeting with Shakhtar

- We did not deserve a loss. Our team produced an organized and orderly performance, longing not to suffer a loss. Today, we lined up without forwards, as we got ready to display counter-attacking play. We realized which opponents we opposed. I would like to congratulate Shakhtar on the victory; but, to be honest, we did not deserve a loss, as a draw would be more logical result. It would be interesting to watch the developments, had we converted our opportunities in the first half. We can add this game to our account. There are five more rounds ahead of us, so we will move on. I should say that it gives a real pleasure to play top six squads, since every match requires maximum effort from the players. And the guys understand it themselves. I just want the game to be proved by the result.

- Ahead of the encounter, you announced that you would surprise with a new tactical formation. Does this mean that you have have tested it today and will use in the coming match versus Dynamo?
- We left three forwards on the bench: Ponomariov, Priyomov and Kulish. To saturate the midfield, we played three defending midfielders. Banada was responsible for the right wing, with Myagkov operating on the left flank and Ohyria playing centrally. So, Hrytsuk and Polarus played two forwards while attacking, while Vasyl had to cling onto the ball more, and Artem, given his speed, had to use the opponents’ free spaces. We have not played like that before. It was a little different with Dynamo: two defending midfielders and three footballers playing more upfield. So today, Oleksandriia employed such a formation for the first time, and this game revealed that this is a good option. The main thing is that the guys carried out all the tasks, which we had set before them.