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Bernard: Chornomorets are strong team

Friday, April 7, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder told about the upcoming game vs Chornomorets

- How is your preparation going and what tactics have the coaching staff suggested for this encounter?
- The responsible part of the league season is starting for us, so we try to learn every opponent as much as possible, both their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, the daily preparation involving very aggressive training sessions, I hope, will lead us to a great performance and victory.
- What problems could you face in the match against the Odesa team, according to you?
We perfectly understand who we are meeting with, and we are preparing for challenges, as Chornomorets are a strong team. The opponents sometimes change their formation, occasionally operating with three central defenders, being very strong physically and able to launch blistering counterattacks. Of course, this can cause us difficulties. But, as I said, daily training will lead us to a victorious outcome.
- This time the theory session has lasted longer than usual. Was it dedicated to the match against the Sailors or some more global issues were discussed?
- You are a bit mistaken: all our theory sessions last about the same time. Today we’ve looked at another opponent. It's clear that there are teams who take a little more time to study in detail. But this time we’ve had an ordinary meeting, where we considered the top-quality opponents. We hope to defeat them.
- How do you like the Kharkiv fans and do you expect to see many of them at the match?
- When going out got every game, including the one in Kharkiv, we expect the full house. Unfortunately, this happens quite rarely. But, of course, the more people in the stands, the better for us. We can turn in some beautiful performance and make them happy. Besides, support is important for every footballer.