Kryventsov: The game passed in one breath

Saturday, April 8, 2017



The head coach of Shakhtar reserve team summed up the win over Chornomorets U21

- Today's game passed in one breath. Our team set a quick pace from the off and operated powerfully from the first to the last minute, alternating rapid attacks with combination moves. We enjoyed a great advantage, however, seemed to come short of luck in the first half: we did not convert a penalty and registered a few more threatening episodes. During the break, we made little tactical changes and asked the guys to continue in the same vein and assured them if they did, the result would definitely come. And it so happened: we quickly opened the score in the second half before claiming three more goals. At the same time, we set up enough opportunities to finish the match with much more devastating score.

- How did the first team players from the youth national side prove themselves?
- They came into the game seriously and proved themselves well. They turned out to be real leaders on the pitch, with younger players producing more confident and organized performance beside them. I believe that it is very important when several experienced footballers play for the reserve team. Next to them, young guys will be progressing faster and have completely different sense of responsibility.

- The Pitmen restarted to play their home games on the natural turf. Is it more suitable for your lads?
- The turf was perfect today. It only plays into our hands, since we have plenty of skilled players, to which the pitch quality is of high importance.

- How did the team take a new calendar, as they have to face tough opponents from the league top six every week?
- I think that the guys are more motivated, because every match is like the final now. We gear up for every single clash and head into each of them very seriously. We respect all the opponents we face, and we do not divide them into strong and weak sides. And I am happy that many players are progressing in this competition. Let's hope that this will continue.