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Fonseca: Oleksandriia were aggressive

Saturday, August 12, 2017



Press conference of the Shakhtar head coach after the meeting with Oleksandriia

- Before telling you about today's match, I want to congratulate the opponents on their Europa League qualifying stage win. I wish Oleksandriia every success. Just play, fight and be sure that Shakhtar are rooting for you. Now regarding the match. It proved very difficult, just like all the meetings here. Oleksandriia are good team who defended well and were aggressive in this component, which complicated our task. However, we deserved to win because we’d created a great many chances and converted two of them. I can only congratulate my players on the excellent performance.

- Why wasn't Taison here today?
- There are some issues – Taison has been injured the whole week. The same goes for Dentinho and Khocholava. Unfortunately, for this reason, the guys couldn’t come here.

- I know that you don’t talk about refereeing, but today, just like in the recent two rounds, there were many cards. The team’ve been a bit too emotional at the start?
- I think you’ve asked me this question only because that's really strange. They already asked me about the same thing in a flash interview, but I’m not going to comment on this.