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Bernard: We should be wary of Olimpik

Thursday, August 17, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder answered the questions from reporters ahead of the major game of the matchday 6

- How are the team getting ready for the meeting with Olimpik?
- Just like for any other game – everything goes as usual. We perfectly understand that the meetings with Olimpik are always tough: the past season’s results are self-explanatory. Therefore, we are aware of how hard it will be this coming Saturday. Nevertheless, the most important thing for Shakhtar is earning another three points. So we’ll work on that.

- Who poses the greatest danger in the opposing team?
- It's not easy to single out someone. The Olympians are currently experiencing a very important moment. As for the opponents’ strengths, I would mention their man-marking, which can complicate our performance. In general, we must keep an eye on absolutely all the opposing players and beware of the team as a whole.

- The recent matches have been hard for Shakhtar, in particular for the Brazilian players. We noticed some waving thing aside on on your part, also by Marlos, Taison ... What’s that – a feeling of impunity or just something going wrong on the pitch, due to which you get nervous?
- In football, this happens all the time. Sometimes it gets very difficult against the teams who just park the bus – this complicates our play a great deal. Of course, we get nervous, sometimes getting angry with ourselves, because no one wants to make errors. Any meeting can have that kind of moments. At the same time, we need to be calmer, have patience and be able to rip open the opposing defence. The most important thing is scoring goals.

- Bernard, would you like to give the Ukrainian kids some masterclasses?
- Of course! That’s a very important point. We all used to be children. I remember that I couldn’t afford any master classes when I dreamed of becoming a football player. I think that if there’s even the slightest opportunity for holding them, then, of course, it’s necessary to gather together with the kids, show and tell them what football is and how interesting this life is. Let’s take Brazil as an example: of the ten babies born there, eleven want to be footballers. Therefore, it’s necessary to organize such events and teach children.