Blanco Leschuk: When there’s a chance, I give my all

Thursday, August 3, 2017



Shakhtar striker shared his expectations ahead of the encounter vs Mariupol

- Gustavo, in what mood do the team approach the game against Mariupol?
- We’re in a great mood. We train well and expect a very good game on Saturday. Shakhtar is ready for it.

- In a tough clash, you lost to Dynamo and clinched the win vs Stal. What’s the reason behind that?
- Each meeting is difficult for certain particular objective reasons. Both and home games might be challenging, because there are tough opponents in the league. Nevertheless, we train and prepare for each meeting. We’ve got good players on the roster, we have an excellent team, and, I think, we will cope with all the difficulties.

- Did the goal in the game against Stal boost your confidence?
- In fact, the goal scored is the achievement of the whole team. For us, team results are more important than personal ones. But talking about me, of course, the goal gave me confidence.

- You scored in the fifth minute of injury time. Have you ever head later goals in your career?
- No, never. Indeed, that’s a bit strange when they score in the 90+5th minute. That’s a rare thing.

- But you’ve still got room for improvement: your number is 99 ...
- Of course, I’d like to net 99 goals and even more.

- Shakhtar haven’t played against Mariupol yet. Have you got any idea about the future opponents?
- My former teammate Serhii Rudyka currently plays for Mariupol. Besides, we watched videos of the matches involving Mariupol. In any case, we will approach the forthcoming meeting very seriously, so on Saturday we are expecting a good encounter with a positive outcome for us.

- You spent the previous half-season on adaptation. Can you say that now you feel completely different and that this season will be indicative? Or the adaptation process is still underway?
- I think my adaptation period is over now. But football is a daily job. I continue to work hard, learning something new. Football is such a thing that today you may not play, while tomorrow you are fielded. However, when I’ve got a chance, I give my all to help my teammates, to help the team achieve a positive result.

- Do you expect the Champions League games the most or Shakhtar look more at the overall results?
- For the club, just as for me personally, any tournament is important – the league, the Cup, the Champions League. We strive to perform well at all levels.