Pyatov: Mariupol concede few goals

Thursday, August 3, 2017



Shakhtar goalkeeper answered questions from the reporters at the open training session

- Andriy, does the Mariupol side currently have any distinctive feature?
- Each team has its own. We study the opponents. We had a theory session, in which the mentors highlighted the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, the things to focus on and how to rip open their defence. However, I’m not going to give you the secrets. We should show everything on the field.

- What are your impressions of the Azov side after the three rounds?
- They do not yield, they concede just few goals and they deserve respect, just like any other opponents.

- Will you exchange your jerseys with Khudzhamov after the game? What are your relations with the players?
- Friendly relations. Of course! But, I think, we already have those jerseys.

- The Mariupol side said in their interviews that they are not going to drop deep. Do you think they are ready to demonstrate open football vs Shakhtar?
- I don’t know. You may say one thing, but on the field it will be different – so we'll see in the meeting. I know that Shakhtar always base it around their own play. I think it depends on our actions more. And Mariupol will show on Saturday what they’ve prepared.

- In the meeting against Stal, you conceded a disappointing goal. Whose mistake was it?
- Totally mine. I shouted ‘I will deal with it’!, But didn’t take the rebound into consideration. Being aware of the pitch condition, it was necessary to step forward a little bit. Or I might not shout at all, Darijo would have cleared it.

- Are you happy with the start of the season?
- No, I’m not. We should have scored the most points – 9. But that’s OK, the season has just begun, there are many more matches ahead.

- How did Mircea Lucescu's appointment to the post of head coach of the Turkish national team be perceived?
- Interesting! He knows our league, the leaders of our team, knows every player just in and out. Believe me, that’s not good for Ukraine team.

- Did you watch Dynamo’ game yesterday? What do you make of it?
- No, I didn’t. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy, and I told everyone so. It's hard to switch to an artificial pitch, especially after only one training session. Plus, Young Boys played at home, in front of their fans. We also met with them and, I can say, lost all the advantage we’d achieved at home, in just 5 minutes.

- As for today's Europa League games, is there any hope that Ukraine will retain two teams or at least one?
- I always root for our national side in European competitions. Everyone’s got equally good chances, because neither side won or lost their games. Hopefully, both clubs will make it further.