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Fonseca: Shakhtar claimed a deserved win

Saturday, August 5, 2017



Shakhtar head coach reflects on the encounter with Mariupol

- Good evening. It was very hot, and in that kind of weather the teams get very slow. Nevertheless, I think that Shakhtar's win is well deserved. We were opposed by the rivals with good qualities, who tried to go out in an organized way make transitions to attack in an organized way. In the second half it got tougher, because Mariupol just parked the bus and it was hard for us to overcome it, so we lost a few goals. I want to repeat that Shakhtar claimed a deserved win. While the Azov side came here and were brave, trying to display their performance and switch to attacks, unlike other clubs who just defend most of the time.

- What d’you make of Petriak's performance?
- Ivan always works hard for the team. Today he appeared in the role he’s not quite used to, in rather difficult conditions, with next to no space around. The opponents fully dropped deep. It was difficult not only for Petriak, but also for the rest of guys. But he worked hard and gave his all on the pitch, so I'm really happy with his performance.