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Sevidov: We opposed as best we could

Saturday, August 5, 2017



Press conference of Mariupol head coach

- Unfortunately, we have never met with Shakhtar when they let their guard down, since the Miners play us at the limit of their abilities. If seriously, I extend congratulations to the opponents on a well-deserved victory. Today we opposed as best we could. We had line-up losses, we had to feature those who had little practice and recovered from injuries, like Sasha Nasonov. But they just looked decent. There are players who disappointed me a bit in terms of challenges, and if you lose it in such a game, you do not even have to dream about any positive result. I told the guys that I have seen glimpses of the football that we want to see on the pitch. We had preconditions. Alas, we have created not enough so-called goal-scoring attacking moves to achieve a positive outcome. So once again, I may congratulate Shakhtar and wish them good luck.