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Fred: We must produce our best football with Celta

Sunday, February 12, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder reflects on pleasant moments in Braga, team’s preparedness for the season and on how to beat Celta

- Fred, today you have conducted a training session close to Braga’s home stadium, where the Pitmen came victorious twice last year. Do you have pleasant memories of this place?
- Right, it is always a pleasure to remember such wins. Those matches vs Braga were crucial for us. It is great that we won. Therefore, we practised being in high spirits today! Everything went perfectly.

- The first meeting with Celta is less than a week away. On what do you put emphasis right away?
- All of us are well aware that the game with Celta is going to be of high importance and tough. Judging by the latest opponents’ games, it is obviously a qualitative team producing a high-level football performance. Therefore, coaches presently ask to pay attention to our playing components to help 100 percent get ready for the European League matches.

- Following a long winter break, Shakhtar get back to competitive games, with the first match being very important for the team.
- Correct, having such a crucial game after a long pause, in addition to that, is always difficult. Nevertheless, we had a great training camp, worked hard, played some friendlies and picked up a good form. I think both my teammates and myself are in good physical shape and well prepared for the coming season.

- What is your take on opponents? Thanks to what can you beat Celta?
- We just have to play our own game demonstrating the highest-level performance and displaying all the assets we have. Judging by the opponents, they can produce effective football, but we must outperform them.