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Blanco Leschuk: I have high expectations for the Europa League

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Shakhtar forward gave an interview to shakhtar.com

- Gustavo, you’ve spent nearly a month at Shakhtar. What’s your impression?
- I came to know better the team, the players, the coaches and staff – that’s really important to me. My impression is wonderful!
- What’s the most interesting and the most difficult part in Paulo Fonseca’s training process?
- In this regard, I’ve got only positive emotions. The contrast with the training sessions at Karpaty is striking: we basically just defended there. At Shakhtar, on the contrary, they make us put pressure rather high upfield, which, in fact, I consider to be the most interesting part of it. Here we play very dynamically. What’s difficult? To score a goal! That’s my major role on the pitch. The training process is intensive and exciting, every day I increasingly better understand the requirements of the coach, and I hope that he will continue entrusting a role on the field to me.

- Shakhtar are to play Celta in the Europa League. It will be a unique experience for you, because you haven’t appeared in European competitions yet. What do you feel ahead of that?
- I have great expectations for those games, I look forward to them and prepare for them. Every day I train hard, knowing how important this tournament is for us. If I have the opportunity to appear, I will give my all to show my best qualities and to score a goal – that's my job.

- Everyone notes that Celta’s current run of form is great. Did you watch the opponents’ games and what can you say about them?
- All Spanish clubs are strong. Even when I'm in Argentina, I watch La Liga – thank goodness they show it there pretty frequently. The championship is very good. The teams from Spain put pressure, being perfectly prepared physically, so it’s hard to play them. But I hope for a positive result. Primarily, it’s important not to lose away.

- How do you feel physically? Are you ready to appear in the starting line-up and play for the entire game?
- One hundred percent: both physically and mentally. If the head coach gives me the opportunity, I will take the pitch and show my best.