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Malyshev: Europa League is an important tournament

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



In an interview to shakhtar.com, the midfielder spoke about the preparation for the match vs Celta

- You and the whole team watched Celta Vigo’s latest game vs Atletico Madrid. What information about the opponents did you get?
- A good, aggressive team. All the players are top-level. We are expecting a challenging game. The Spaniards generally put pressure and control the ball well. They have demonstrated their high level.

Celta started the year pretty well, but later they were knocked out of the Spanish Cup, sitting in the middle of the league table. Does this mean that the opponents will have some special motivation in the Europa League?
- Europa League is an important tournament for every participant: both for us and for Celta. I think they will take to the pitch having great motivation. I'm sure the attitude will be serious, no matter how things are going in the league or in the Cup. The game will be difficult. But we also have good motivation, just as for our every match. We prepare seriously, analysing the opponents. We understand that we are facing a tough encounter, and that we should approach it responsibly and with the utmost concentration.

- You’ve got just three days left before the encounter with Vigo. What’s your current focus in training?
- We work more on the tactics. Preparing particularly for Celta: we analyse their performance in our theory sessions, then trying to play just as we’ll have to this Thursday.

- The preparation camp is nearly over. What can you say about your physical condition?
- Of course, we have rediscovered our top form. We worked a lot and spent enough time training. I think everyone is ready physically and will approach the match in top form.