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Berizzo: Shakhtar are hard to contest with

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Celta’s head coach answered journalists’ questions

- Do you know who will not be able to participate in the upcoming match for sure?
- Among those who will miss out are Álvaro Lemos, Carles Planas, Josep Señé, Andrew Hjulsager, Pape Cheikh and Claudio Beauvue. The rest of the team have the opportunity to emerge on the pitch.

- What is footballers’ physical fitness ahead of the meeting with Shakhtar?
- All are in good run of good shape and able to display their best assets.

- Today, ahead of the training session, you stood by your lad’s side for five minutes and told them something, cracking many jokes. What did you tell them?
- Nothing special. Nothing but everyone in our squad has a sense of humour.

- What performance do you expect from Shakhtar, given that the Pitmen have held no competitive games almost throughout two months?
- I look forward to the meeting against well-prepared opponents. I do not think that the winter break will have bad impact on the Donetsk side. It will be the same Shakhtar, familiar to us from the Europa League fixtures. They are the opponents remarkable for their attacking performance and being tough to contest with.

- Which Shakhtar are more dangerous for you: the one hitting on the counters, or the one that dominates the possession?
- Both are dangerous. However, I hope that we will bring the ball under control.

- Do you think the result of the clash will be decided tomorrow or in the second leg?
- The result of the first match will definitely affect the game’s character in the second leg. However, both are crucial in any case. However, if you ask me, the outcome is more dependent on the first one.

- In what state of mind are the players following run of bad luck in the encounters versus Alaves and Athletic?
- My lads’ performance in the match vs Atletico proved that they have gone through the Spanish Cup semi-finals defeat against Alaves. They transformed the energy after the failure into a game that allow counting on success.

- Do you consider a 0-0 draw as bad result for the first match?
- If the team dominating the ball possession, taking the initiative, creating clear-cut chances see the match ending in a goalless draw eventually, that is definitely a bad result. In case the opponents demonstrate good performance, a 0-0 draw may be acceptable.

- Just two months ago, Celta revealed their opponents in the Europa League Round of 32. Have you changed your opinion since then regarding the chances in the clash vs Shakhtar, bearing in mind the team’s successful spell in January?
- We earned respect not only thanks to good results in January, but also because of the display itself, our players are performing. I think the Pitmen treat us with respect, since we are capable to beat any contenders.

- What are the expectations ahead of the match?
- Vigo supporters expect much from this tie. It is crucial that they will believe in the team. I hope that, despite of not a comfortable kick-off time, Celta fans will occupy all their seats in the stands to create a great atmosphere at the Balaidos stadium. Nevertheless, on our part, we are waiting for a nice performance and positive result.