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Fred: Shakhtar always think just about winning

Wednesday, February 15, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder spoke to reporters on the eve of the match vs Celta

- What outcome will be acceptable for Shakhtar tomorrow?
- We will be fighting only for a win.

- Taras Stepanenko, who always added defensive security, is not playing tomorrow. How prepared is the team to replace him?
- It’s clear that he is a very important player for us. We would like him to take the field. But Taras won’t, so another prepared player will appear, who can also help us achieve victory.

- Shakhtar Brazilians speak well about Paulo Fonseca as a coach. What changes have you noticed with his appearance?
- Should I really praise the coach? The team have grown very much since Paulo Fonseca’s appearance at Shakhtar. He taught us a lot. We had a great first half of the season, and now it's time to show what we are worthy of in the Europa League.

- How do you like the training camp in Portugal and Spain, where you’ve arrived for the official match?
- Portugal is a good country – the Brazilians like it, and not only because of the language. We conducted a fruitful training camp there, and now we’ve arrived in Vigo for the Europa League game. Shakhtar are very motivated for the game vs Celta. We will be competing just for a positive result.

- What would you say about Celta?
- As Mister has already said, they are a strong and dangerous team. The Spaniards have had some great games this year and achieved success. But Shakhtar worked well in training camp, also we had a long preparation for this encounter. So tomorrow we will appear and try to produce our top performance.

- The Pitmen showed excellent results in the Europa League group stage. Will a defeat in tomorrow's match be a negative outcome for you?
- In my opinion, no team takes the field thinking about a defeat. Shakhtar always think just about winning, with the players being tuned for a positive result only. Shakhtar thought like that before, and will always think like that. Mister constantly tells us so, because speculating about defeat makes no sense.