Shakhtar players reflect on the situation in Donbas

Wednesday, February 1, 2017



The Orange-and-Blacks commented on the situation in Avdiivka and Donetsk, calling on all parties to observe peace

Taras Stepanenko, Shakhtar midfielder:

- We follow the situation to have developed in Avdiivka, near Donetsk and generally all along the demarcation line. We are really concerned with that. People die, residential buildings and infrastructure get destroyed, which poses a humanitarian catastrophe. For a long period of time, people have been suffering, and it’s unclear when peace will settle in. Shakhtar have always supported peace, because we are a team from the Donbas. And we all want just one thing – peace to settle in there. We want both sides to take action – everything to ensure that people do not fear going outdoors and just living.

Maksym Malyshev, Shakhtar midfielder:

- In Donetsk I have relatives, friends and acquaintances with whom I communicate. The situation is critical: they fire weapons really intensely. Over recent days, the shelling has been incessant. I am really worried, because all my family members are there. I hope this will end soon. The war has been going on for so long, and that’s abnormal. The parties involved should come up with something for peace to settle in, reach an agreement for ordinary people not to suffer. Because all this brings many deaths, grief and misery... This has been reiterated time and again, and I'll say it again: we very much want peace to come. We hope that these words will be heard.