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Berizzо: We will play three forwards

Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Celta head coach told the reporters about the tasks for the match vs Shakhtar

- What is your take on the upcoming meeting, and what is your team’s plan for tomorrow?
- We must force Shakhtar to possess the ball as little as possible. But at the moments when winning back the ball, we want to get more players involved in our attacking moves.

- Will you be satisfied with claiming two goals?
- We're going to play three forwards. We would like to pay maximum attention to attacking performance.

- Will tomorrow's clash be similar to the one we watched in Vigo?
- Celta will try to press the opponents a lot. It will be also crucial to get Iago Aspas connected with other attacking players and thus focus our efforts on attack.

- Throughout your career, you had a spell of working with Marcelo Bielsa. What have you learned from him?
- I can only say good things about the time I spent with him as a football player. I am grateful for what he taught me. I have to say that a lot of things that I am using now, I have obtained from our cooperation.

- Will Guidetti and Maglio be able to emerge on the pitch?
- Yes, they're fine.

- Nemanja Radoja, serving a ban, arrived in Kharkiv along with the team. There is a guess that he works as your agent, since he took part in the Ukraine vs Serbia match here last year. Did he give you any hints?
- No. Traditionally, we travel to hold European competitions matches with the full team. It does not matter, whether you'll be able to play or not.

- Shakhtar head coach Paulo Fonseca made many flattering remarks about your team, as well as Spanish football in particular. What is going to be of higher importance to you tomorrow: your men’s mental determination or solely technical qualities?
- In this case, I believe more in the emotional component than in some of the finer tactical points. Tomorrow, we will literally have one of the most important matches in our club’s history. Celta have been preparing for this meeting very seriously and thoroughly.