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Jonny: We’ve got a clear plan

Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Celta defender talks about the upcoming meeting in Kharkiv

- The Spanish press wrote on the eve of the match that it’s very cold in Ukraine. How do you like the weather and temperature? Are you ready to reassure the fans of Celta and journalists by saying that you are not at the North Pole?
- To be honest, we thought it would be much cooler. It’s not that cold at the moment. Personally I, for example, have very warm blood, so everything will be fine.

- What does tomorrow's meeting mean to you as a player?
- Of course, this match is very important. It’s important to approach it calmly. We represent the club and our city, so we are set to turn the tide in our favour.

- Who of Shakhtar players are you particularly weary of?
- They are a fairly close-knit team. First of all, they are strong offensively. In the first leg we saw that even from a small number of scoring chances, Shakhtar still converted one. It’s very important to pay attention to the opposing attackers.

- What words do you hear most often in the team’s dressing room? And what will be said tomorrow, considering it’s a special match for you?
- Basically, we’ve got a clear plan. We know exactly what we are going to do tomorrow. One suffers –everyone suffers, one wins – everyone wins. This will be our motto.