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Ordets: In Kharkiv, they always made us welcome

Wednesday, February 22, 2017



On the eve of the match, the Pitmen’s defender answered journalists’ questions

- Your teammates and yourself have run into surprise today in the shape of a new bus design. What impressions do you have?
- Only pleasant ones. The colour of the bus became more aggressive. I think it will be a good irritator for our rivals.

- What did you remember most from the first leg and which moments were the toughest?
- Probably, the opening stages of the encounter. Celta footballers began to put pressure from the off, while the fans made the home team go forward. However, we adapted shortly to bring the game under control since then.

- Are you waiting for the support from Kharkiv fans?
- Of course. In Kharkiv, they always made welcome both Shakhtar and the Ukraine national team. I hope tomorrow will be no exception: the stadium will be full, with the faithful pushing us forward.

- Still on the topic with the bus, will the Pitmen play according to the score and park the bus in front of the goal? Or will you display aggressive football like your new bus design?
- Shakhtar is not a team, which sit back in defence. We always try to attack. Regarding the bus ... It will add some aggressiveness to us offensively, and we will score more goals against our opponents.

- What should you do in terms of tactics and playing to achieve the desired result?
- We should come onto the field and demonstrate the football inhering in us. We should always be first, control the ball, and give the opponents no chance of launching counterattacks. Celta players mark nicely and produce rather good individual performance. If we cope with this, everything will be okay. Well, it would be great to notch an early goal.

- How will you assess the teams' chances of reaching the Round of 16 stage?
- It is hard to tell. Everything will be decided on the football pitch. I will be able to say more precisely after the game.

- What is the utmost concern on the part of your opponents?
- I would not say that something is bothering us. It is necessary to operate from the first to the last minute and to be extremely careful, in which case we will have no problems.

- Following the first leg vs Celta, an important event occurred in your personal life. Allow to extend congratulation on your wedlock. Your spouse will be present at the stadium tomorrow, won’t she?
- Thanks for congratulations! I am very happy! Right, she will be in the stands tomorrow.

- Which of Celta’s players caused most problems in the opening clash?
- The Spaniards have a good side as a whole. But I remembered the number ten Iago Aspas most of all.