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Berizzo: The match was tough

Friday, February 24, 2017



Celta head coach shares his experiences of the game

- At yesterday’s press-conference, you said that you counted more on the emotional component. Do you feel exhausted after the match?
- Sure. I think our success is based on two components: concentration and emotions. The match was very tough; we had to fight for every meter of the pitch to win the ball. I also would like to make a compliment to Shakhtar. However, we were strong both emotionally and physically; therefore, we have secured this victory. Today, we have had a stunning football night. I want to thank my players for their commitment, they proved themselves at best. Namely, in games like this footballers improve their perfomance level.

- Celta have operated very cleverly today...
- I agree. Our plan worked out, we operated particularly well offensively. Andreu Fontàs played as we I asked to, with Facundo Roncaglia and Iago Aspas producing good performance. Thus, the game plan have been carried out. With Jozabed emerging on the pitch, we managed to set passing going. I guess everything in the game went according to our scenario. We can only thank everyone for a stunning encounter.

- Can we say that your team secured a win thanks to the goalkeeper and luck?
- A little. Celta goalkeeper showcased a great performance, with Shakhtar goalie proving himself at best, as well. The game was fairly open. We have achieved positive results through the entire team’s efforts other than a single particular player.

- You ran certain risks, on your side, by featuring Hugo Mallo in the centre. Is there room for risks like that in football?
- Yes, sometimes it is appropriate. Now and then, I manage to guess it. Again, we had a definite plan for the match. Mallo was at his best in the centre, while Guidetti looked well in the offensive. I think that sometimes you need to take risks. It is a good thing that everything ended successfully today. I would also like to lay emphasis on Shakhtar’s excellent display.

- Did you have the encounters like this throughout your career?
- Yes I did. But when such matches occur, you are experiencing them like the first time.

- Celta players very often delivered corners at the near post. Is it a well rehearsed combination move, or have you specially prepared it for the match versus Shakhtar?
- We have well rehearsed combination moves from set pieces, but at that very moment, I asked Cabral to move to the far post. Fortunately for us, he went against my wish. Once again, I would like to thank FC Shakhtar for hospitality and head coach for the tremendous work done, as well as for your skipper’s words after the final whistle.

- Do you have any preferences in the draw?
- Today, we are going to sleep, and in the morning we will reflect on what the opponent will be preferable to us.

- Which words did you find for your players in the dressing room?
- Concentration and passion.

- What spots could Shakhtar have claimed if they played in the Spanish La Liga?
- They would have reached top four, for sure.