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Butko: We invite fans to the stadium

Sunday, February 26, 2017



Shakhtar defender speaks about the preparation for the upcoming match vs Vorskla

- Bohdan, which side will be superior, according to you: the Poltava team have not yet held a single competitive game, while Shakhtar lost much energy in the encounter with Celta?
- I think Vorskla will seek to display some good performance. They had a training camp and, most likely, they are very well prepared. It’s true that we are out of the Europa League, with everyone still having that bitter taste after the defeat. But we need to forget the match against Celta asap, to bring our act together and show that we are a team. Now we have a goal of winning the Ukrainian League title. Let’s not forget that today’s meeting will be the first competitive game for Vorskla after a long break, already being the third for us actually. It’s difficult to say how events will develop on the field, we'll see. But the fact that it won’t be easy is 100 percent true.

- Yesterday, you analysed the opponents at the theory session. What did Paulo Fonseca focus your attention on?
- Vorskla are a strong team. Poltava’s performance is equally confident both defensively and offensively. They have many good players in the squad, plus they reinforced the squad with Sharpar, Myakushko and Kunev. Our former goalkeeper Bohdan Sarnavskyi currently plays for Vorskla as well. So an interesting encounter awaits the fans. Just remember the match in the first half of the season, when we claimed a narrow win only thanks to a goal by Taison. They seriously prepared for the meeting with us back then, analysed our performance. I am sure that today’s match will be approached by Vorskla in a very responsible manner. We are facing a tough game.

- Will the stands' support help Shakhtar to achieve the desired result?
- Of course it will! We always expect some great support. There was a great atmosphere at the match against Celta. For that, we should say a big thank you to the fans. We hope that people will attend our games, while we will try to make them happy with the spectacular wins. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite the fans to the stadium to support us in the face-off against Vorskla.