Sachko: Shakhtar deserved to win

Sunday, February 26, 2017



Head coach of Vorskla answered the questions from reporters after the encounter

- It turns out that for the third consecutive year we resume the league season with a match against Shakhtar. The Pitmen have tested us another time. Of course, it’s disappointing to concede a goal in the dying minutes. However, we should pay tribute to the opponents, who deserved this victory. Today we faced various speeds. It was very difficult for us to stand that kind of pressure for 90 minutes. In the first half we somehow coped with it, finally failing to withstand it after the break. Congratulations to Shakhtar on the victory.

- Many players changed in the line-up. What newcomers would your highlight?
- I wouldn’t speak about anyone separately. I would mention the team as a whole. We are well aware that we play the strong top-class opponents. Therefore, our top priority was discipline and dedication. We were looking for a chance on the counter, eventually managing to score. In the second half, we succeeded less, because we lacked the strength and the squad depth. At the same time, the substitutions made by Shakhtar, on the contrary, allowed them to raise the pace. Meanwhile, Vorskla has no such opportunity.

- Don’t you think that the team parked the bus too early?
- At the half-time break, we asked the guys to ignore the score. But the opponents forced us to drop deep. Shakhtar played powerfully in the first half, played powerfully, stepping it up even more in the second one. We realised that after the disappointingly lost Europa League game, we would get under serious pressure, as the Pitmen had to rehabilitate themselves to the fans. For them this victory was more important. We didn’t plan to drop deep, but we started losing strength, no longer being able to keep the pace imposed by the opponents. Shakhtar players are better prepared for such speeds, with the players also being more skilful.

- At the end of last year, you were dissatisfied with the performance of Dmytro Khlyobas. Do you think he is able to replace the top scorer in Yuri Kolomoyets’ team, who is recovering from an injury?
- I never said that someone was better and someone else worse. Within the team, we analyse everyone’s performance and point out everyone’s errors. Today Khlyobas has tried hard, trying to create pressure, although he, like everyone else, found it tough. Nevertheless, he scored an important goal both for himself and for the team. We are pinning our hopes on him. Dmytro is a top-class footballer. Yet, just as all the rest of our guys.