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Introducing opponents: Gwangju

Saturday, February 4, 2017


FCSD | gwangjufc.com

February 4, the Pitmen will hold a friendly match vs Gwangju representing the South Korean K-League Classic

This club was founded in the city with the same name in December 2010. Following two-season spell in the top flight, Gwangju were relegated to the lower division, before returning to the elite league after the same interval of time. In 2016, Shakhtar’s opponents finished eighth out of 12 in the domestic league.

Gwangju play home games at the arena, which seats 40,000, specially constructed for the 2002 World Cup and named after the team. The team consist almost completely of Korean players. The only exceptions are two foreigners – the Japanese Tomoki Wada and the Nigerien international Olivier Bonnes.

The meeting will kick off at 17:30 Kyiv time (EET). Follow the text commentary and broadcast live on shakhtar.com.