Boriachuk: We have many fans in Kharkiv

Thursday, January 12, 2017



Shakhtar forward told about his holiday and shared his expectations of the upcoming training camp

– I want to send my season’s greetings to everyone! During the vacation I gained strength, saw my relatives and friends. In general, I am very happy since I had enough time for rest.

 Many players continue to play football while on vacation. Did you practise it with anyone?
– I did, but not seriously. I played outdoors with my brother on a few occasions.

 Today is your first training day, you’ve been undergoing a medical. What do the doctors say?
– I just had an X-ray examination done. Now, I’m going to have a blood test. Let's see what it reveals.

 Are you ready for the training camp both mentally and psychologically?
– Of course, we are missing our job: I want to move, to handle the ball.

 The strikers Eduardo and Yevhen Seleznov have left the team, with Pylyp Budkivskyi returning instead. How would you comment on the competition in the offensive third?
– It’s always good to have some fair competition. Yes, some great players have gone, but those remaining are top strikers as well. It’s also great that some new guys join us, so we get some new blood. Therefore, we should further prove ourselves and show to the coach that we are in the team for a good reason. For me, Eduardo was the most experienced and intelligent footballer. It’s a pity that Seleznov also left – he had enough skills to be adopted by others.

 What was your reaction to the fact that you would have the Round of 32 return leg in Kharkiv?
– I think that's good. In Kharkiv, we have lots of our fans. I think they will support us. It’s true that in Lviv we enjoyed a warm reception, while in Kharkiv, in my opinion, there are more fans of the Pitmen.

 What personal objectives do you set for yourself in the training camp?
– To get fit again and try to gain a foothold among the starting XI. Recently, they fielded me more as a first-team player, so my responsibility has increased. I should use the chance and do my best meet the set objective.