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Budkivskyi: I've always dreamt of coming back

Friday, January 13, 2017



The Pitmen's forward has told of his coming back to Shakhtar and plans for the near future

– Surely, I am happy to return! Shakhtar is dear team to me. Here, I have graduated from the academy. It is true, I have been playing on loan for other sides since then, but I have always dreamt of coming back. Therefore, I am going to display my strengths and to be at my best at the training camp.

– When did you learn that you were heading to the training camp with Shakhtar?
– The other day, literally, they have asked me to return to the club. Could I guess that? I tried not to think of it in particular, but I realized that such an option was possible. I had another half a year ahead to play on loan – and, all of a sudden, I got such a New Year's gift! I have no idea what will come out of it, but I hope to stay at Shakhtar.

– Do you have a recipe for securing a place in the starting XI?
– I will do whatever it takes. I am going to give all I have got in every single training session. Anyway, everything depends only on myself.

– Whom are you especially glad to see on returning?
– Basically, all of them. Many lads called me and sent messages. It was a real pleasure.

– Do you think you have grown in terms of playing?
– It is hard for me to judge. I guess the coach will be in a better position to judge. I am just going to follow the instructions that they will give. On my part, the experience aquired while playing for other clubs will come in handy and help me gain a foothold in the starting line-up. I will do my best to prove that I am worth playing in the squad like Shakhtar.