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Butko: I’ll celebrate the birthday with my family

Friday, January 13, 2017



Shakhtar defender spoke about his birthday and preparation for the season

– Today you’ve turned 26. Is that considerable age?
– Just right for playing football. The age when you’re kind of not that young, after gaining some experience, but still not old, having strength and opportunities to develop and progress.

– What do they normally wish to a player on his birthday?
– Health. That’s particularly helpful for a footballer. In general, of course, they wish me to claim victories, good luck and all the best.

– Are you going to celebrate it?
– Just at home, with my family. Besides, that’s one of the few birthdays when I'm not in a training camp.

– How do you feel after the holidays?
– Fine. That’s exactly why we need a vacation – to rest and recuperate. However, everyone still tries to keep fit, because after doing nothing it will be very difficult to get fit again at the training camp.

– Are you missing football, or another week of rest wouldn’t hurt at all?
– Of course, you always want to have more rest and more time with your family, but you can’t do long without your favourite job either. So it's time to leave for the training camp and prepare for the resumption of the season.

– What was your reaction to the news that you will play the Europa League game vs Celta at the OSC Metalist?
– Just excellent. In Kharkiv we enjoy great support. I think this decision has only positive aspects.

– Did you follow the performance of your closest Europa League rivals while on vacation?
– Of course I did. I watched the matches, studied Celta a bit. I already have some food for thought. Yesterday, for instance, I viewed the highlights of their cup meeting with Valencia. I must say that Celta have gathered momentum, showcasing some spectacular and prolific football performance. I think it won’t be easy against these opponents.