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Bernard: Ballwork practice is cool

Monday, January 16, 2017



Brazilian midfielder told about his holidays, the opening days of the training camp and the reasons behind enjoying Paulo Fonseca’s training sessions so much

 Bernard, what’s your impression of the first days of the training camp?
 It’s always important to start our preparation for the second half of the season like this: in a very intense way and up to the mark. We all know that the first few training days will be busy and tough. The initial three or four days will be demanding, until the body gets used to the workloads. At the sports centre, we have several pitches at our disposal, which is very convenient. I’m confident that we’ll do some great job here and approach our games, especially the crucial games against Celta, being fully prepared.

 Did you have enough time for rest during your vacation? How did you spend it?
 The holiday break was excellent. I managed to do everything, spending some time with my family and friends, as well as traveling. I find it very important to give your head and body some rest after the season’s first part. We had numerous tough games, we did a good job and deserved some rest. But that’s over now. Now we are facing some important games, and we must give our all at the training camp to get fit again and continue winning.

 Previously they did lots of running drills, while currently the team do exceptionally the ballwork. The Brazilians must find it particularly joyful?
 For us, the footballers, that's very cool, absolutely! We started our summer break with doing some ball-work as well, with the results being just amazing. Therefore, it is evident that all the work is well thought out. The coaching staff perfectly know the players’ needs. This is done not for our pleasure, but for the good of the whole team. You will see the results already on the pitch.