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Shakhtar in Spain: goalkeeping aspects

Monday, January 16, 2017



Week commencing saw the Pitmen working intensively on the pitch, with a training session in the gym being added on top of that

Following today's morning session, the team came back to the hotel to have lunch and take some rest. However, the players had just a couple of hours at their disposal – at 16:00, a bicycle ride and ball-work practice awaited them again. Today, they improved speed and the ability to make the right decisions, along with passing accuracy under conditions of intensive movement. After that, they played several options of two-side games with a goal and without it.

The goalkeepers started training individually. Having four goalkeepers available, Antonio Ferreira think over the tasks so as to involve all his men.

– Like all other players, we've started the training camp with adaptation-oriented exercises: we are working on technical skills and getting back into shape. On first days, we need to remember what the ball is, – Shakhtar keeper Anton Kanibolotskyi shares his impressions. – Throughout training sessions, everyone is doing his own job. Outfield players perform tactical routines, while goalies are polishing reaction and technical skills, as well as improving footwork and many other things. As soon as we get down to playing exercises at the end, we join the whole team to work out together. Surely, it is very hard for keepers to perform the amount of running drills, which outfielders do. They occasionally poke fun at us on this issue. But, believe me, we have serious workloads, with just completely different muscle groups being engaged. The outfield player is scarcely able to manage our training session.

After completing exercises on the pitch, some of players headed off to the fitness centre. The rest of the team is expected to work out at the fitness facility as early as tomorrow afternoon.