Blanco Leschuk: I will be happy to help Shakhtar

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Shakhtar newcomer has given his first interview to

- Gustavo, welcome to Shakhtar! What emotions did you experience?
- I am happy to become a Shakhtar player! I really appreciate this opportunity, because for me it is a big step forward. The coming three and a half years, I will be at this team, and I am impatient to get down to training.

- You moved to Ukraine nearly a year ago and have already faced Shakhtar. What do you make of the team?
- Shakhtar are very strong, demonstrating great performance in the Ukrainian Premier League and the Europa League, and I'll be happy to help the Pitmen! I am going to make every effort and obtain the best results.

- Tell us a little about your family. What connections do you have with Ukraine?
- My great-grandfather on mother’s side comes from this country; that is how I got the last name Lesсhuk. Generally speaking, there are six of us in the family: my parents and four kids.

- You graduated from Arsenal de Sarandí academy and claimed the domestic title with them in 2012, being the only title won throughout the club’s entire history...
- Yes, it was the first team's success at such a level. In fact, all my teammates and I will never forget it.

- At the age of 22, you signed for Anzhi, then played in Morocco and in the Swedish second division. What did you get from this experience?
- I can safely say that I have not only learned many things about traditions and culture of the countries, which were unknown to me. In every championship, I also gained some experience that, in the course of time, gave me a chance to grow professionally and improve the quality of my performance.

- You notched 2 goals against Shakhtar while playing for Karpaty and said that it was one of the most important goals in your career.
- For a striker, any goal is important, regardless of the opponents.

- You are the second Argentinian in the Donetsk side. Have you ever faced Facundo in his domestic league?
- Yes, I have. Our teams locked horns with each other in the domestic league, with us being opponents. Now we are together at Shakhtar. Facundo has told me about the team and the club as a whole. With his help, I hope to sort out more quickly how things work here.

- Will Ferreyra be your friend or a rival trying to secure a regular position on the attacking end? 
- These are different things. Of course, both of us are forwards and we go after a place in the starting line-up, but we are friends and pals off the pitch.

- What do you want to achieve with Shakhtar?
- I live and breathe football and really want to help the team earn points in every game. As a footballer, I'll be happy to play for Shakhtar in the UEFA Europa League and, if we manage, in the Champions League. Looking forward, it would be also great to make a start for Ukraine national team someday.

- What would you like to say to the Pitmen’s supporters?
- I send my best regards to all Shakhtar fans! I want to make them a promise: I will give my all in training sessions and in matches to help the team.