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Dentinho: Shakhtar shirt is my major motivation

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Shakhtar midfielder tells about his vacation, the opening training sessions, his motivation and the coach’s trust

– Dentinho, tell us about the opening days of the training camp. What is currently most important in training, what have you been working at?
– Our training camp goes well. The coaching staff are well-versed in the things they do, with us enjoying the sessions. Of course, it’s really tough in the beginning, we experience general muscle soreness, but we need to get used to it. I think we’ll adapt to that in due course.

– We can see that you’ve arrived being physically fit. How did you manage to keep fit while on vacation?
– Despite the fact that we were with our families, having fun and enjoying our rest, of course we never forgot about our fitness. We worked out, sometimes running, performing various exercises not to get out of shape and to come here fully prepared.

– Currently, they focus more on the ballwork and not that much on running drills. Is that a plus for the Brazilians?
– Yes, I think that's good for any player. In any case, it’s better than just running around without thinking about anything. Sometimes, working with the ball, we get the kind of workloads we never obtain through monotonous training, although it’s not immediately noticeable. So it’s great, we enjoy it so much.

– This season can be called one of the most successful in your career. Besides, you’ve signed a new deal with Shakhtar. Does all that add motivation in your work?
– I think wearing a Shakhtar shirt is great motivation in itself. Unfortunately, I didn’t play much in the previous seasons. Now Mr Paulo Fonseca, thank goodness, gives me this opportunity. Of course, I am trying to do my best on the pitch, to score goals and benefit the team – that's important for me.