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Facundo Ferreyra: Competition has become even stiffer

Wednesday, January 18, 2017



Argentine striker shares his impressions of the opening training sessions and promises to help the team newcomer Gustavo Blanco Leschuk

- Facundo, what can you say about the first days of the training camp? What have Shakhtar been working on?
- We get very tired currently, because we work really hard. It’s always like that during the pre-season period. Of course, it’s not easy, but those sessions are extremely important for the team, because they will help us to prepare well for the season.

- Are the first sessions always the most difficult ones?
- Yes, they are. Every day we run a lot, we perform all the exercises at a fast pace, also doing some ballwork. At first it's hard, but I am sure we will manage to get back in shape before the first matches.

- Shakhtar has a new signing – Gustavo Blanco Leschuk. Are you delighted with the appearance of another Argentine?
- I think it’s the necessary transfer for us. Gustavo is a very good footballer, who already proved himself at Karpaty. I think he will be helpful to us. I am doubly pleased because he’s an Argentinian. We will quickly find a common language. It’s always a pleasure to chat with your fellow countryman. So I'm happy.

- Will you be helping Gustavo?
- Absolutely. If he needs something, I'll be happy to give him a hand with that. Initially, I will watch him and explain everything. I am sure that his adaptation will pass well.

- Will Gustavo and you become friends or contenders for a place in the line-up?
- Of course we will compete as forwards. But it will do us good. Competition is very important for players, allowing us to progress and making us stronger.