Ordets: I am looking forward to the match vs Cracovia

Saturday, January 21, 2017



Shakhtar defender has reviewed the opening training camp and told why he is looking forward to the match vs Cracovia

– Ivan, the team have had their final training session in La Manga today. How would you assess the pre-season’s preparation stage in Spain?
– We have done a good work. All the guys keep themselves on toes picking up the form. Except for Bohdan Butko, probably, who dropped out of the training process through his injury. I would like to wish him a speedy recovery. I am confident everything will be all right and he will join us soon. As for the rest, everybody is ready for tomorrow’s game against Cracovia. We must prove ourselves and win, of course.

– What are the peculiarities of the training camp under the charge of Paulo Fonseca’s coaching staff?
– We have adapted for the new methods as long as in the course of pre-season’s preparation in summer. At this training camp, it was crucial to lay the basis for physical fitness for the coming season. I guess, we managed to do that. As always, we had enough running exercises and fitness routines. But, we have spent most of the time on ball-work, which cannot but please us. For footballers, playing elements are always welcome.

– Paulo Fonseca sometimes coaches defenders individually. What is happening in those particular sessions?
– Just as throughout the season, once a week we perform tactical exercises together with centre-backs and wing-backs. We drill all the issues related to changes in defence formation. So far, we have not been occupied with set pieces only – I think, that awaits us a bit later. Generally speaking, these sessions are very useful, with the head coach giving us tips and directions.

– Tomorrow, the team are to have their opening friendly match as part of the training camp. What do you expect from the meeting with Cracovia?
– I am anxious to have the first sparring this year. Many footballers came to the training camp. I dare say, Paulo Fonseca will give a chance for everyone to be fielded. You get a bit bored with training when you do it all the time, so we are looking forward to this match.