Srna: For me, the team result is of highest importance

Tuesday, January 24, 2017



Shakhtar captain answered question from reporters at the presentation of the book dedicated to the club’s 80th anniversary

- Last year was quite significant for you as you set a Shakhtar record for the number of appearances made. Currently you boast 513 apps. What does this number mean to you?
- Good afternoon to everyone! I am really delighted to be present here and happy to get into the history of such a great club as Shakhtar. I joined the team 13 years ago, when Andrii Vorobei and Henadii Zubov played there... They were legends of the club. Back then, I could not even imagine that I would be able to appear for Shakhtar so many times. All this is possible thanks to our president, who from year to year is building the best club, he has built the best stadium, he signs up the best players, and invites the best coaches. As, for example, Mircea Lucescu, who has written a great chapter in the history of Shakhtar. Frankly speaking, I never thought about how many appearances I would make for the Donetsk team. For me, the result has always been of highest importance, as well as the trophies and achieving the goals facing us. But a year ago, when I saw that I was approaching a significant figure, of course I wanted to break the record of another legendary footballer Mikhail Sokolovskiy. Again, I am very pleased to have made it into the history of Shakhtar. Hopefully, I will make many more appearances here. In this situation everything depends on me, on the quality of my performance and on my health.

- How do you like the atmosphere in Kharkiv and what makes it different from Lviv?
- In Kharkiv we held two matches, and everything was fine. As you know, there are many Shakhtar fans in this city and the area, more than in Lviv. Therefore, in my view, it’s been logical to move to Kharkiv after two and a half years. And Lviv will forever remain in our hearts. We achieved good results there, we reached the Europa League semi-finals, won the Cup and the Super Cup. I will remember Arena Lviv for a lifetime. So I want to thank the local fans for supporting Shakhtar. I hope that in Kharkiv we will achieve great results and I will lift the league trophy here. Of course, I’d love to do that in Donetsk, but Kharkiv is going to be our city so far.

- All the fans breathlessly watched the story of your move to Barcelona. But you said that your heart had prompted you to stay at Shakhtar. How hard was the decision to reject the offer from one of the world’s best clubs?
- This story is over now. I wouldn’t like to talk about my negotiations with Barcelona, but I found it easy to decide to stay. I said long ago that I want to finish my career at Shakhtar. Now we’ve got just a bit left to win the league title. That’s currently the main goal for me and the team. And, of course, we want to advance as far as possible in the Europa League.