Blanco Leschuk: I'm happy to score, but want to win

Saturday, January 28, 2017



The Argentine striker scored his debut goal for the Donetsk team and shared with his opinion about the game vs Austria

- Congratulations on the first goal for Shakhtar! Is it a nice feeling?
- Thank you! I'm really happy to score the opening goal wearing the Shakhtar jersey. This is a point of high importance. However, I cannot be completely satisfied, as we played out a 2-2 draw. The club like Shakhtar strive to win every match, and I can say the same about myself. I want to not only score, but also to win. Therefore, we will come up to the next match with even greater desire to win.

- What do you make of the game against Austria: are you pleased with your and the team's performance?
- We played a good game. Especially if we take into account our daily physical loads while training. Nevertheless, it is an integral part of the pre-season preparation. Yesterday, we had an important sparring with a strong contender, and the team had proved themselves. As for me, I am a newcomer and just getting used to Shakhtar playing style.

- Have you already found common ground with your teammates?
- Yes, everything is great. My adaptation is running well. I just need to become used to tactical nuances in order to know how to move and how to interact better with the guys. But I do many things well. I am making progress from session to session.

- Shakhtar are playing Norrköping today. Will you recover by that time?
- Of course, I am ready. I hope the coach will field me and give the opportunity to play. This is useful for me. Day by day, it gets easier in terms of fitness, with the legs getting accustomed to heavy loads, and I feel much better.